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Take Action

Here are ten things you can do
to phase out plastic from your life and to help
in the fight against plastic pollution.


40% of all plastics produced is used only once and then discarded. We can phase out single-use plastics such as plastic straws, cups, bottles from our lives by using alternatives such as metal straws, reusable bottles etc.


Say no to plastic bags. There are plenty of other alternatives such as cotton bags available and these are not harmful to our environment.


Reduce the consumption of products that use too much plastic for packaging and make a shift to responsible consumerism.


Avoid disposable razors and use razors that let you change just the blade


Use glass jars and other alternatives to store your food instead of plastic containers


Recycle your gadgets and other electronics. Purchase goods from companies who have safe disposal and recycling policies.


Avoid buying plastic water bottles as much as possible


Stop using plastic cutlery and insist on stainless steel and other sustainable products


Learn about the harmful effects of microbeads and avoid cosmetics that contain microbeads


Understand the ill effects of plastics and inspire people around you to make a shift from plastic